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Poetic Lovin Editions 1 and 2 are Asha Mone’ Johnson’s published poetry collections detailing the different forms of emotion that are pulled out from within when love is involved. These series of poems exploit ways in which all forms of love are given, received and even overlooked. No one ever said love would be easy, but you will find that it is definitely worth the risk. Everything and everyone is worthy of love, no matter the outcome. 

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Asha Mone' Johnson

is a 26-year-old Detroit, Michigan native with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Michigan State University. Upon graduating in 2015, she began doing freelance blogging and writing which later led to the completion, publishing and release of Poetic Lovin’ on February 14, 2019. Asha has used her skill and passion for writing to express emotion, have her voice heard, and to compete ever since she was a young child. Throughout her journey as a freelance Poet and Author, Asha has performed live in countless events on MSU’s campus, poetry slams, open mics, talent shows, church events, engagement parties and weddings. Asha is now a self published author, with her debut poetry collections, Poetic Lovin’ Editions 1 and 2, and has aspirations to be the best selling author of all time.  

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